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Theme: Metamorphosis: The Art Of (a) Change


  • WRITERS: Only writers who have participated in our Jacksonville writing circles are eligible to participate in this anthology.
  • ARTISTS: Only artists who identify as female and are from the Northeast Florida region are eligible to participate in this anthology. Art will be selected based on relevancy to theme.
  • Space is limited to 50 writers and 50 artists; please submit early. Writers and artists who participated in the METAMORPHOSIS semesters (Fall 2023 and Spring 2024) will be given first priority if necessary. 

“Women catch courage from the women whose lives and writings they read, and women call the bearer of that courage, friend.” — Carolyn Heilbrun *** 

Dear Friends, Women Writing for (a) Change Jacksonville invites you to submit your work for (a) river rising: an anthology of women’s voices (Vol. 6: Metamorphosis [Then and Now] edition). 

We look forward to lifting your voices and vision through this annual anthology. We are a diverse community of women creating change in ourselves and our worlds one truth, one voice at a time. We focus primarily on the voices of women and those who identify as female, but not exclusively.

DEADLINE: JULY 15, 2024 

THEME: Metamorphosis [Then and Now] This anthology is based on writing and art inspired by the theme of our Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters: METAMORPHOSIS.

DETAILS: What's the difference between your THEN and your NOW? How have you changed? How has the world changed? What remains constant? Are there moments of growth, and resilience that have defined your journey? These questions serve as the starting point into the essence of personal and collective transformation, revealing the enduring imaginal cells that have remained steadfast throughout. There's so much creative power to unfurl in any transformation process. What has YOUR journey looked like/felt like/ been like? Consider the impact of global events such as Covid, the specter of mortality, the challenges of divorce, the power of education, the transformative nature of travel, the spiritual healing you've experienced, and the moments of awakening that have shaped your worldview.

Join us in this celebration of transformation as we showcase the profound creative power that emerges from the depths of change. Tell us, in art, word, or song. We're here for it.

Guidelines: Paintings, collage, mixed media, photography, and sculptures will be accepted. Digital art also accepted, including with sounds, video, etc.
 Artwork must be original work by the artists. 

Media: Artists agree that images of work submitted may be used in promotional
 materials for show and related events. NOTE TERMS OF USE BELOW

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.